Probe launchers aren't launcher hardpoints?

It appears that probe launchers don’t count as a “launcher” from the POV of high slots?

Ex: A Venture can have 2 mining lasers and probe launcher. But it can’t have 2 mining lasers and missile/rocket launcher?

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The venture doesn’t have a launcher hardpoint. Probe launcher I think is more utility and not really a launcher. Then again, except for shuttles and freighters, every ship in Eve can equip probe launchers

Not all high slots will be turrets or launchers. Drone mods or other utility mods take up high slots as well.

My raven has 7 high slots, but only 6 can be missile launchers while the other is a drone mod

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Another good example of utility high-slot modules are the “weapons for logistics pilots” - the remote armour repairers, remote capacitor transfer modules and remote shield boosters.
Also modules such as capacitor neutralisers and vampires that “attack” the capacitors of other ships.

Some ships are balanced to give good use for these utility functions and you’ll use them in place of missile launchers or turrets.

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It can be confusing, but Launcher hardpoints are used by missile launchers. Even though the probe launcher has “launcher” in its name, it’s not using the hardpoint as it’s not a weapon system.

Some ships (generally the bigger ones) have more high slots than they have weapon hardpoints. The highslots that aren’t used by weapons are called “utility high”, and generally have support modules such as Energy neutralisers, smart bombs or drone links.

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