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In the 14 months I’ve been gone, has, by any chance any mod magically appeared that gives the Vent a third hardpoint for that useless third High slot, guess I could always through a cloak in there…

Also the deal 50% till Oct 5th, my acct billed on Sept 20th, so if I purchase this 50% Omega/MCT deal when will this 3 month special start ticking? after my current billing cycle completes? would seem the most logical,No??

The omega will just tack onto the end of any time that you currently have. So, if you are currently subbing monthly, ending on Oct 30th, then yes, the 3 months just tacks on from there and will end 3 months later.

However, the MCT will start immediately, from when you buy the package. Or again, will tack onto the end of any existing MCT (if you have one).

If by “vent” you mean venture, I have always fitted a salvager to the third high slot. With 2 x T2 hobgoblins you can easily take care of HS rats, but with no space for salvage drones, the mod is the way to go to salvage wrecks.

However, I believe the third hard slot is traditionally used to fit a probe launcher, in order to scan down gas sites (in WH) for people who have two gas huffers fitted instead of mining lasers.

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High slots aren’t immediately useless just because they can’t fit a turret.

Salvagers, probe scanners, cloaks, neutralizers, there’s lots of useful options depending on what you want to do with the ship.

I don’t fly a Venture, but the Endurance has two ‘useless’ high slots as it can fit only one turret. I like having a cloak and salvager in that one. Salvagers are nice to keep the belt clear of wrecks: those wrecks (with your name on it) show potential bad guys that you’re mining in that belt.


Thank you much Lily for the answers and al the insight, oh btw, ive always looked at drones on a vent as a waste, I just threw 3 Small Shield Extenders into the mids and no rat squad (usually 3 or 4) has ever takin my shields down any lower than 90% and make it a habit to orbit while mining @ 500m the tighter the orbit the better, makes the rats miss even more, have not had to ever worry about rats even in LowSec and again vents are not fighters their Lovers 8) never took a drone on a ride in a vent…

Thx again

It’s a waste of a Venture not to use light drones.

You may survive a lot of damage, but what will you do if frigate NPCs web your Venture to allow bigger ships to actually hurt your ship? Drones will take care of that.

Mmmmm Laddie you do have a point thar… meet me at the drikin hole later this eve, I’m buyin… we can talk further on the drone issue…and ur expert analysis *)


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Just posting here to say that a properly tanked Venture with T2 drones can beat 3 NPC cruisers all by his lonesome, as long as you hold traversal up a bit (orbit your rock and such). When you are not concerned about rats, you can also use Mining Drones to get more yield.

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