A few newbie questions


I’m a complete newbie a little overwhelmed by the complexity of the game, and would have some essential questions to ask.

  1. I’m a Caldari Alpha currently flying an Ibis, but during the course of my Career Agent Missions for Exploration I found out my ship doesn’t have enough slots to carry everything I need (or I think I need).

I had to use my probes to find a Data Training Site, but realised that I have to unfit my turrets in order to make space for the exploration equipment.

Is there a way to buy and install more slots for fitting to my Ibis?

  1. If not, do more expensive ships have more slots, and what type of ship should I consider buying? I’m planning to do some Exploration and Mining / Trading after completing the Career Agent Missions (all types of them).

  2. Can I own more than one ship?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

You can have as many ships as you want.

Other frigates will have more slots.

Do a google for Eve University. Their wiki will help you out a lot.


specific answers


yes, open the ships tree (neocom menu, ships) and you will navbigate through all different ship types, see their bonuses, which tell you what they are designed for etc, see their slots numbers etc

test different things, but try, after a while, to focus on being good in one activity before skilling up for another one. Exploration/mining/trading require very different skills

Of course! eve is a paper stone scissor game, where the choice of the good ship to do one thing is a part of the game. I have dozens of different ships

I would give you tha advice to join a corp, you will get many advices, etc and get friends and help

and since you did not come to whine, complain and blame ccp, i send you some isks to help you to start in this wonderful game


Thanks a lot for the reply.
I’d just have two more questions on the gameplay itself and how to make money.

  1. How does one make money through Exploration? Doing missions / quests (dunno how to call it) or by selling the stuff I find?

  2. When it comes to Mining and Trading, aren’t these basically the same thing? That I sell stuff I mined?

Sorry for a completely primitive questions, but I found myself lost in all of the menus and better asked here about what I consider to be the basics.

When you open containers in sites you scan down they can have valuable items. You can sell those on the market.

Missions reward ISK, many NPCs you kill in missions award a bounty and you can sell loot and salvage.

Well, you can trade things you didn’t mine yourself. Buy low, sell high. Ores you mine can be used for production instead of sale if that interests you.

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Thanks again and just to add, I just noticed the last part of your initial answer about sending me some ISK. Thanks so much for this, I totally didn’t expect it :slightly_smiling_face:.

It’s nice to find the community being this helpful after jumping into a completely new hobby, which I hope this game will become exactly that for me🙂.

You’ll get more ships as part of the career agent missions. You were given a ship to use at the beginning of the Exploration section. At the end, you’ll get a Heron, which is an excellent exploration ship with plenty of slots in the mid to put explo modules.


Thanks for the advice, I already received it :slightly_smiling_face:. 10 minutes after buying my own, of course :grinning:.

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As usual, others are providing good answers and I’m going to ramble on a bit as well.

Exploration: I’d forgotten how much stressful fun it can be. However, if you look at it from a purely cost/loss/profit can be lucrative. You don’t need an expensive ship and modules. A good basic explorer is a million ISK fitted. Get scanning and hacking experience in hi-sec, then wander into wormholes.

There are riches and risks there. Get used to d-scan. Run if you feel nervous. Go for the pure data and relic sites - avoid the protected ones. The hacking will be hard, but for example in one Class 1 wormhole relic site this afternoon I pulled 50m ISK of loot. That felt lucky though. I’d view 20m ISK from single site in a low rated hole as a good par.
Bookmark the wormhole (entry point) you came in through so you can get out without scanning. It’s tense, nervous, work, but more exciting than mining.
I sucked 15m ISK out of gas clouds there as well.

The Heron isn’t as spectacular as my Helios - a T2 dedicated explorer with T2 analysers - but the Heron and other T1 explores are capable and have one big advantage: they are cheap enough to be expendable.
With T1 analysers - the I version not the II that takes more skill - the hacks will be harder, but you will be taking your early learning with you.

Sell what you find on one of the major markets - the in demand items will have a narrow gap (10%) or so between buy and sell orders. I like Amarr - but that’s my locality - it’s got a good turnover and isn’t as risky for a loot loaded explorer.

Fit the Heron for scanning, hacking and bugging out fast. You aren’t in a combat ship, don’t try and turn it into something it isn’t.

Good luck and happy wandering.

Good advice all around.

I’ll simply add this one little thing:

Try not to get too attached to any one ship.

There is only so much you can do to “upgrade” a ship. At some point, you will have to get another ship that can do the things that your previous ship couldn’t.

And eventually you will find yourself buying and fitting ships for specific purposes and then swapping between them as you need to.
It is not uncommon for veterans to have a hanger full of ships ranging from basic Tech 1 Frigates to souped up Tech 2 Battleships.
The frigates you are starting with now have their purpose and will be useful even after years of playing the game.

Finally… permanent destruction of stuff is a part of the game here. At some point you will be exploded either by NPCs or by players.
This is perfectly normal and will be very jarring the first time it happens.
But do not despair. Every ship you acquire can be bought on the in-game market and will be exactly the same as the old ship you had before (minus the fittings and cargo you had in it).
So it will be important that you have enough to replace whatever ship you are flying.

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You’re adorable. Get in touch if you ever wanna be a pirate :parrot:

Attitude is much in EvE. You display a decent attitude, so people will be eager to help you. Perhaps you will be the one helping someone else at some point.


Wow, a flashback to my first days in EVE. Yeah, we know how you feel :wink:

I lively remember my first venture, with railgun and mining laser to be able to shoot rats and finish career agent tasks (just like the fit of the Ibis, btw). It took a while to accept that not every ship needs weapons, and sometimes drones can do the ratting job instead.

Enjoy, you will learn a lot, and it’s rewarding.

Lose ships to get used to it, no matter how weird it sounds. My first PvP (of course unwanted, peeked into lowsec) was just PANIC and wtf, and the Vexor was gone - my by far most expensive ship at that moment. But after one day I had a new one.
And the chat with the killer gave me helpful tips and ISKs. There’s many nice people around that like to shoot you.

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