Why there is no faction/experimental rigs?

Did devs mention why they don’t add faction/experimental rigs? I don’t think that new rig that 5-10% better that T2 rig would break game balance.

why do you think it wont break balance ?

Mutaplasmids for rigs would be interesting…

I’d take beefier aeronautics on a shield tanker. Or an armour tanker ghetto shield.

I’d be assuming the tradeoff would be the downsides would be greater. Aeronautics tend to hit armour. If one does not care about that, or bumps up shield, its all good.

being mildly OCD i dont undertand why some rigs you can fit 3 of each but others u can only fit 2. this goes for T2 rigs especially. Lemme fit 3 T2 rigs every time? In fact just remove calibration function all together?

Iirc there are also some stats you cant affect with rigs that probably should be affectable with rigs

And give freighters rigs as well? every other capital ship has?

i can understand that you dont see the difference between some rigs ! but why should CCP remove the rig calibration ? oO does not make sense

but not all other ships have cargo for 300k-1,1m m³ … so no ! a freighter is not like every other ship! unique ship with unique use !

The monkey’s paw curls, nerfing freighters and all rigs with more than 100 calibration cost.

Obsession with balance is not productive. But also boosters like this exist and i dont see anyone complaining?


they have no permanent effect and arent available all the time !
a rig has a permanent effect and is way worse then a booster …

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