Why are there no faction, deadspace or officer rigs?

Like the title says, was wondering. If there was they would obviously be very expensive, but thought they would be cool and am surprised by their absence…even though their is probably a good reason for it. Can people fill in the why for me as I reckon they would be awesome but maybe too powerful in some folks eyes…no idea.


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Given the price of T2 rigs now, deadspace and officer rigs would no doubt end up being insanely expensive. The benefits would also have to match that, or nobody would use them, which would probably make them very overpowered.

So simply put: it’s likely a balancing issue.


there is at least 1 faction rig for standup structures
cant remember the name but its as expensive as the T2 …

for ships … i dont know … is it needed?


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I just wish T2 rigs weren’t so stupid expensive. Most cost more than the hull itself now…

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Well, T2 rigs require T2 salvage which is not always in abundant supply. As such, the rigs tend to get expensive too.

Faction rigs… May be am in between T1 and T2 thing requiring T1 salvage but with a BPC bought through faction warfare stores. Still, it would have to be between T1 and T2 which isn’t always a lot of room.

Officer and Deadspace well… They would need to be from BPCs dropped by officers and such. Salvage… If it was T2 the rigs would have an insane price and probably be extremely rare. Plus they would only be used on few ships, so it would be the rich getting just a little more leg up which would anger many. Plus… Image you kill an officer finally and it drops… A small shield explosive resist rig. It would be difficult to make and harder to sell. Very disappointing.

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I’m still waiting for Faction missile guidance/enhancer modules.


I think you’re assuming CCP wouldn’t apply any common sense to new modules… Actually that’s not unreasonable - thinking of the number of Capital probing bonus rig BPCs I’ve picked up in exploration sites - but it’s easy not to design new modules/BPCs. Officer rigs could be limited to desirable traits (e.g. just small shield EM rigs; not small shield explosive rigs).

Saying that, why make them just better versions of what we have already? I think there is room for new rigs that offer unique bonuses - perhaps combining resistance profiles (e.g. a small shield EM/thermal rig) or adding something completely new (e.g. a 25m3 drone bay + 25Mbit / sec or a sig reduction bonus). If they were really rare they wouldn’t break overall game balance, but they could add spice to solo/small gang PVP.

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It could simply have lower callibration cost with t1 performance right?

If there were to be Faction and Deadspace rigs (let’s leave Officer out for the time being):

• Faction would have T2 performance with T1 fitting
• Deadspace would have T2+ performance with T1 fitting

I think Officer rigs would probably be overkill. Mutated rigs could be interesting…


You have to remember that before T2 salvage became so plentiful T2 rigs WERE horrendously expensive as well. 20-40mil per intact armor plate or intact shield emitters. 5-10mil for Single-Crystal Superalloys. These made for insanely expensive T2 rigs that would be about the same price as deadspace or faction rigs.

Yes Im with Arthur that Officer would be overkill now and CCP should stage faction, then deadspace and then later on officer rigs if so needed. But a build requirement would be t2 + t1 for faction and T2 plus something new or different for deadspace. Perhaps if they do change the loot drop items it could be some rare commodity in there. And then later on Officer would need to have officer loot drop items as well as BPCs dropped from officers to build.

Only thing Id change from Arthurs idea is Deadspace would have T2+ performance for between T1 and T2 fitting. Some would benefit from T2 fitting or else itd be too powerful while some that doesnt get used more would enjoy the fitting ease.

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Honestly, I just like new stuff (ships, modules - whatever). Keeps the game from getting stale…

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For the same reason that, aside from t3cs, rigs cant be looted from wrecks, or removed in one piece from a hull.

@JuuR_Zibaoo those faction rigs you’re talking about? Those arent manufactured, and when the structures they’re in (the structures that player outposts are turning into) are unanchored or destroyed, those rigs are permanently gone.

@Krysenth nope … sorry … this RIG is manufactured … you get BPCs in the Besieged Covert Research anomalies
there are some different types and different for M, L and XL structures but 2 are:
Standup M-Set Thukker Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency
Standup M-Set Thukker Basic Capital Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency

and this rigs are faction :wink:

its a replacemanet for the Thukker Lab or Facility


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They could introduce officer without much balance breaking I think. Few percent here and there, why not? Would have to be scarce as loot drop tho, like every officer loot. Also maybe even capital rigs, not only large sized? But all of it should be in blueprint forms. I cant imagine someone ripping rigs out of the wreck, when its not possible from intact hulls.

Rig BPCs for faction LP would be the best first step.

I see no issue with Deadspace Rig BPCs.
This would go hand in hand with more T2 salvage sourcing, as people would run more DED content, and salvage it.

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A lack of ISK printing T2BPO’s make T2 rigs realistically priced too.

Maybe. This would be helpful for some rigs like weapon damage and rate or fire rigs. I think if you fit one of each you run out of calibration and can’t fit a 3rd rig. But say trimarks… I can fit 3 with no issue so that may not be as beneficial.

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How would they be over powered if nobody used them?

Read the whole sentence, mate. I said they would have to be extremely powerful to justify the cost (or nobody would use them) which would result in them being very overpowered.

Unless its something else there should not be any standup faction rigs on the market.

They’re being added to the faction citadels and are not removable.