A 4th rig slot

Hi there :smiley: i mostly have struggle with filling the gab most rig combinations have so a 4th rigslot would be op just for finecalibrations…specialy if all 3 rigs alrdy are at tech2 and there is still space for a tech1

grettings NOVA

is that a tech 2 ship as I believe that some tech 2 have this. tech 3 definitely have that

There is no ship with 4 rigs.

You are thinking of a tech 3 with sub systems.

What the op does not know maybe is that there are some rigs that use more calibration. He is just using one’s that use little leaving some calibration free. You can use 2 tech 2 rigs and not have enough for a 3rd tech 2 rig.


your idea is not needed, the fact we have 3 rig slots and some ships only have 2 is fine as it is…there is so many fit combos out there in the meta already for a single ship hull it is not funny.

learn to EvE.

@NOVA_Andromedan Only 3 rigs allowed.
Adding a 4th one is tantamount to treason.

Adding a fourth rig would completely imbalance the game for a very simple reason. Hull tanking would automatically become 25% stronger. This turns a 450k EHP hull Megathron into almost a 600k EHP hull Megathron. The cost? A few million ISK.

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Agreed, this would cause a ton of balance issues with any kind of stat stacking.

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