An idea for two new rigs

I was thinking that’s helpful to have those two modules on a rig as well because they’re universal
One is the damage control and the other the power diagnostic

If you want more resistances, shield capacity, shield recharge or powergrid there’s rigs for that already.

Rigs generally aren’t doing multiple things like the two modules you describe, I think they all affect just one stat at a time.

Strictly two effects, a positive and a drawback.
But I get what you mean and completely agree with you.

Rigs are about specific choices that change at a cost the profile of a hull… Either of these rigs rapidly becomes a “must fit” unless they have some massive drawback - such as worse agility or a large reduction in shield/armour/hull buffer.

Not a good example for rigging, they’d be overpowered.


What does them being "universal’ have to do with anything? And what do you even mean by universal?

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