Add a private shipname option

Do you also have 7 identical ship hulls with different fits and have to either board each, ‘view contents’ or ‘simulate fit’ to find the right one every time because you do not want to give away the purpose in your current ship name and broadcast it to anyone when you undock? Or have to change the name before you undock. My suggestion is to have the option to add a second name or note to a ship that only you can see. In it you can put down some more info about the fit or what this particular ship is intended for. It could be visible to you in your hangar (when you hover over it?) for example.

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Why can’t you do what everyone else has done that’s played this game for the last 20 years?

Why do you have to be the special one that can’t use the current naming tool to do what you want?

Why do you need a new tool simply because you can’t figure out how to use the existing tool that already does the job?

BTW: The current naming tool is powerful enough that corps used to keep corp hangars in POSes where everyone kept ships, and we managed to keep everyone’s stuff sorted out by naming.


Yea, I agree with Andlaust…

The solution is simple - You need to come up with better ship names.

If you have a special version of your ship fit that you wish to give a distinctive name to reflect the fit choices you made, you have options:

  1. You give it a clear name so that you and everyone else can see at a glance what kind of fit it is
  2. You give it a unique name known to you so you recognise your ship without telling everyone else what kind of fit it is

Everyone has been able to come up with names for type 2, or if they didn’t they simply didn’t care enough to change it, which is a totally valid option too.

Be creative!

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Agree. Ship names are ship names, they shouldn’t mean something other than how to identify you in space especially on D scan.
Some corps may even use special naming doctrine so you can’t make hints for what ship is what in your hangar. And naming ships according to their fit also gives tactical information to others.
There should be some kind of “notes” to add to each ship you can see in your hangar.

So why can’t you have special naming schemes of your own or use the corporate ones?

Why should I have a scheme for “Naming” ship?
It’s a name, not some kind of service signature. We don’t name oil tankers “Oil 500 Ton”.

That’s because we don’t have ships that fulfill multiple roles, or even as many classes of ship as EvE has. You’re not going to have an oil tanker be refit into a natural gas tanker, and the two look nothing alike. Also, if you don’t think we don’t have naming conventions in modern day, you’re not paying attention. The prefix in front of a ship’s name, USS, HMS, RMS, MV, and all the others have meanings, if you know what they are.

But then, the purpose of OP’s suggestion was because they can’t keep track of what ships they have fit for what. We don’t need a new tool for this.

If you don’t have it doesn’t mean no one else have, stop being narcissistic.
You can simply have one ship with dozens different presets for different situations - one with selfrepairing for pvp, buffer pvp, high resists buffer for pvp with logists, pve fits e.t.c. Start thinking out of the box and just for yourselves please.

You said

and I pointed that ships can have different ways of usage, hence to have different description
Above I pointed out why naming your ship by it’s fit is a dumb idea.

Ok I got it, there is no way to reach out logic and common sense from people in here. Good luck.

Dude, pull your head out and follow your own conversation. If I have to explain this basic logic to you, then having an actual discussion with you is pointless.

Show me an oil tanker that hauls anything but oil.
Show me a bulk LNG Transporter that hauls absolutely anything but LNG.
Show me a container ship that hauls anything but containers.
Show me a Heavy Cruiser that is also a functional submarine.
Show me a Patrol Boat that is also a functional Battleship.
Show me a submarine that hauls LNG.

No, outside the game we do not use the same ship for different tasks. A fishing boat fishes, a steamer hauls loose cargo. That’s all they do.

Yet completely missed the part where you use a naming convention, which by definition means that it’s not direct naming,

Tell me, what does this name mean: “@6y Catapult”

Did you guess that it means Beam Laser shield kite according to a group I flew with a decade ago? Did you also guess this one has webs?

That’s a naming convention.

You’ve yet to use any and blatantly dismiss any presented to you, so how would you know? All I’ve seen is you saying this game is too much effort for you to play.

What about a symbol or series of symbols…?