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As a new citizen, i have after 3 days acquired 9 ships, but i find it difficult to know which one is intended for what gameplay, Combat, Industry, Cargo Hauling, Data running etc.

How about adding a “Role” tab to the ship hangar where each new ship given is slotted into its purported role, as in, “Combat” “Industry” that would make it easier for new players to know which ships to use when doing say Agency Missions.

Thanks for a great game

To help with this, you can rename your ships, but put a ‘C’ at the start of the name for Combat, then H for hauling, ‘P’ fpor probing etc.

Another option is to use filters (bottom left of window below the hanger tree) - though I suspect you’ll need to build a lot of individual rules depending on the categories you want.

right click rename your ship

The way EVE works, you can often fit ships for multiple roles.

You can fit haulers for hauling, but also for combat (bait, with scram and cyno). Or do your data exploration in a T3 cruiser, which is also fit for combat. As a result, sorting ships on their base role isn’t going to be very helpful for most players.

I get that it can be confusing for newer players to see which ship can be used for which role.

I recommend:

  • rightclick your ships and look at their traits. That will show you what a ship is likely good for. A hauler has cargo bonuses, a miner has mining bonuses, an explorer has scanning and hacking bonuses.
  • give your ships names, so you can easily find your mining venture back, or your exploration Heron.

Welcome to EVE Online!

Check out the description tab, it lists all its bonuses and the logos above those descriptions show what they are primarily designed for. Hover on the logo for more details. For in depth details check out eveuniversity wiki.

Just learn some names :wink:

It’s perfectly normal for a new player that all the ships and items are hard to tell and classify, but after a while you get used to them. But as mentioned, renaming the ship helps as well - but also your enemies, for this name is visible on DScan as well.

You also can do different tasks, I remember in this stage I had a battle Venture for early missions. Just remember: Losing a ship is no tragedy, but part of the game.

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