CCPlease need a UI theme for triglavians

Since we’re gonna keep getting triglav ships we should get a UI to match. There’s blood raiders that is similar but … ya triglavs.


I was thinking this same thing earlier today.

I think it would be especially interesting if the UI was written in the Trig alphabet, and you had to mouse over text to make it readable.

Well that’d probably be cool at first but annoying after a few minutes. Maybe if it did that then a second or two later translating into normal text after opening a new window.

Maybe a red/black theme? Pretty cool amirite?

Just came here to compliment your moohstash.
You don’t look like a creepy guy, well done.

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lmao, maybe freddie mercury ish?

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triglavians dont have their own ship UI?

Just noticed that the Trig Incursions do things to the local font. The system info in the top left turns into Trig writing.

So they could totally make a Trig UI that uses the font too =)

I personally thought the nebula theme to be very fitting.

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