Triglavians as playable race?

So was doing some background research on EVE topics a few days back and ran across this:

Triglavians as a Playable Race?

I thought the concept of players being able to start out in Abyssal space, maybe having access to a progression of Trig ships, maybe even starting out with ‘at war with Empire’ status… really intriguing.

I think it’s actually too big of a concept for CCP to carry off anymore, given the level and quality of development we’ve seen from them lately. Still, it’s something that would bring a lot of interest to the game.

Not really putting this forward as a ‘suggestion’ in that forum, since I don’t think it’s manageable given CCP’s resources.

What do you think? Would a Triglavian faction make you play more? Would your friends come back for it?

(Note: for Omega subs only, of course!)


That’d be strange…
People would start off with skills that currently are worth hundred of millions, and live in dangerous space with totally different skills. They’ll of course would need to be higher starting SP for them to be effective survive.

And well, it would separate the community between spaces and races. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

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No, they aren’t going to let people start out as Triglavians. Just like they aren’t going to let anyone start out Jovian. Starting the game as one of the advanced races with Faction level ships would be ridiculously OP.

However, they have said that they plan on making several Precursor races available, Trig are just the first. I suspect Drifters won’t be too far away. And I’d love to see them bring back the Jove stuff as well. Obviously none of them will be as powerful as the real Drifters or Jove, but it would be pretty sweet to fly them regardless.

You understand that all the factions have faction level ships, right? And that people don’t start with those? That you have to level up the skills and the EC and the resources to get them?

Why would you assume that starting as Trigs would automatically grant you the skills and ships that every other faction has to earn their way up to? You just slap in some lower end ships and skills, and you make the starter character not a full Triglavian but someone who has to “prove themselves in the Flow”. Pretty much just like everyone else.

Anyways, the question at hand isn’t “how should this feature work?”, I already pointed out it’s not a feature suggestion. (Too bad the CCP fanboi two posts up can’t read, I guess.)

The question is “Would a Triglavian playable faction/starter area increase interest for you or people you know who may have stopped playing?

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Sure, why not. I would not create a new character for that, though, probably. A newer player might appreciate it more.

Would it make a difference? No, b/c race is meaningless anyway. There is no reason to pick one race over another, other than saving yourself like 20 min of initial training.

When they first came out with Alpha accts, they were limited to T1 ships of their chosen race. If you started Gallente, then ALL you could fly was Gallente. No Caldari, no Amarr, and certainly no Guristas or Sansha or whatever. If you wanted to diversify outside your chosen race, you had to go for Omega. Then everyone cried, and CCP caved in and gave them other races, and Faction as well.

Add to that the utter failure that is Factional Warfare. At first, you’d think it would bring some emphasis back to the different races. Until you realize that you can totally play a Gallente pilot, flying a Minmatar ship, with Caldari Navy fittings, fighting for the Amarr militia. There is nothing encouraging you to play a Gallente, flying Gallente, fitted with Gallente, fighting for Gallente.

Player race is pointless. Game lore is pointless. It’s window dressing for game features, and hardly anybody pays attention to it any further than they have to. That’s why nobody cares that the Damsel keeps getting her dumb ass kidnapped over and over again, even back to back. Nobody cares what the story is, they just want something to shoot so they can make money.

So no, playing a Triglavian or a Jovian won’t make any difference. Especially if they don’t get to start with the ships those races have. If your plan is to make weak Triglavian ships to start with, and reflavor the existing ones as Faction, you’ve got a long way to go. These ships ARE supposed to be the basic T1s. They just happen to be as powerful as everyone else’s Faction ships. That’s b/c CCP wants there to be motivation to fly them, by making them better than standard fare. They aren’t going to make wimpy ones, or they would have made these wimpy to begin with.

Only after you can play a Jovian.

I think it should be more than a starter area, and be equal in size to our k-space. They should also have their own currency, a complete lack of sovereignty, and get bounty payouts for blowing up ships from the four main races. But they wouldn’t have access to plex, or skins, or isk. There ya go. Just to punch everyone in the nuts, we’ll have an antagonistic race who get payed Triglav-o-bucks to murder you all.

That may have been the original plan that Seagul could have had in mind, but had to be a bit scaled down.

Also players had the same idea with Jove. Previously nothing happened, even when there was a Jove facial “mutator” in the game, where you could see your character face “Jovefied”, after choosing certain element from character customization screen, it was a bug revieling what they were working on, but removed fast from game and never seen again or mentioned.

A stupid tactic, other company could at least add it to their store for premium currency, but CCP is unable to do such things, they just keep unused stuff on their office computers. No wonder they are not earning enough cash to go forward, but have to scale down.

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