Triglavs have become/are becoming the 5th/6th empire

and i like it.

1 frig, 1 destro, 3 (1 T2) cruisers, 1 battlecruiser and 1 battleship

the potential of the Precursor line to get deep into unique additional empires for the game is really something to be hyped of.

i dont think we will ever see Triglavian capital ships due to lore reasons (Abyssal Deadspace seems to be too compressed and hostile for the creation of such colossal vessels), unless there’s some special regions in their space that allows the construction of them (much like the high tiers of Wormhole Space).

otherwise there’s potential for more in their family of ships. EWAR is an example, they have a ramping weapon system and a ramping bonus for logi (as mentioned in the soon to come Rodiva and Zarmazd cruisers). adding a unique EWAR platform shouldnt be crazy to think of.

i hope they get to expand this as much as the base empires, then perhaps see if the Drifters can come next in that vision.

good job CCP <3.

I don’t think CCP is going to make them a 6th Empire on the lines of Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, or Jove, but more like a faction like Angel, Gurista, Serprentis, Drifter, and etc.

yeah that’s another possibiity. i just put it in consideration taking in account they have more or less got close to the same number of ships the Jove had when they were still in the database.

with the fall of the Directorate and the torch being passed to the Society of Conscious Thought i wouldnt even consider Jove to still exist as the 5th empire, their original and mythical vessels have disappeared from the game. i hope CCP can provide them in the future in some kind of new content source but for now, it seems the Triglavians have grown to become their replacement as far as “Precursor” races go (if you look at the Precursor lineage as things like Jove, Sleepers, Triglavs, perhaps even the Talocan).

its a simple observation. perhaps they will end being more like ORE. a faction with their own ships, specializations and skills. but so far things seem to point at something else compared to those or the pirate factions and more close to the regular empires.

time will tell i guess…

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