Why do players use cyrillic alphabet?

Man sollte Deutsch auch gleich verbieten. Können die Anderen ja nicht verstehen. Mhm.

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Hab’ noch niemals ein deutsches Schimpfwort in chat gesehen. Doch genug schmutziges Gespräch auf Russisch.

Tbh I wrote these words aka joking. (about the purchases of keyboards)

I mean, ofc, I know that cyrillic and english letters can be typed with the same keyboard.

But I am true about COMPLETELY blocking ALL other characters beside english alphabet, just like world of warcraft does, I am just not sure how ccp will regard this issue, if it will be all disregarded or if they only block certain chats, - and thats what i am supposing, - to block npc chat and local chats for all other than english letters to make the EXPERIENCE of players equal so to speak.

I mean, if it goes my way, you can continue to type cyrillic in poc or fleet or do voice chat whatsoever…

You were never promised this :smile:

Everyone taking this thread seriously is broken in the membrane.

A joke is meant to be funny. Your joke sucked. So does your idea of blocking other languages that people have grown up learning and speaking in the same way we have with English. It won’t go your way, because you’d be denying people their right to their native language, and they do have that right. It’s as immutable as free speech itself, so I recommend you take your stupid ideas, and shove them up a certain dark crevice with a certain barbed wire implement. You’re more than capable of blocking people who speak languages that frighten you, so you don’t have to see them. But you don’t get to block anyone’s right to use them. ■■■■ off with that.

Darum geht es OP ja sowieso nicht. OP ist entweder ein Troll oder hat “KopfProbleme”.

Are you dense?

This threat is serious, why would I post it otherwise? Or take the time to do it?

No the “thread” is not serious. Even if you meant it seriously, which I strongly doubt for your sake, it is not a thread to be taken seriously by others.

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So, you didnt get my joke afterall…

My joke was only about getting the cyrillic typing people keyobards so they could type with english letters.

You are the joke.


I got that you thought it was a joke. What I’m telling you is that it was a bad one.

Ok, lets stop feeding the troll, would we?

Wait, there are other languages than English?

I was actually kinda hoping we could all just switch to just using emojis, Eff reading!

Why are you players of EVE online so doubtfull that my thread is serious?

I mean this serious.

Well, maybe I should say this again, - block all cyrillic aplhabet letters from local and npc corp chat…

  • I honestly dont understand the opposal to my suggestion…

  • I mean, why do you oppose? What is it that you want to keep secret?

You do know that WoW are devided onto several independent servers ?

like the ones in English, German, French and even Russian (where all the letters are Cyrilic)

EVE on the other hand, have a single world wide server…

Yup, I know… And thats why Im suggesting getting rid of all foreign characters, - so all players, if they chose to comunicate, will be able to understand each other.

Dem hat man die Scheuklappen zu feste angeschnallt. Das ist alles. Muss man locker bleiben.

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No they would not be able to understand each other as not everyone understands english. Also, the latin alphabet is not only used by english, so there are other languages that use the same characters, but in different ways.

Take it as a chance to learn about other cultures and maybe learn to understand a new language.

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Or, we just ignore you and keep doing it the way we always have. How about that? I like that, it’s a better idea than yours.

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I could be wrong cause I’m not that smart, but I think it’s called entitlement.

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