Block all characters but english alphabet + numeric


So, Ive been suggested to post my idea here.

Thing is, that new players find it really really weird to se someone write in local or npc corp chat with cyrrilic aplhabet. And thats for sure, cause Ive experienced it first hand and thought wtf is this, on top of all the other things I had to grasp.

With time I became used to these sporadically chat inputs but every time it worried me. Well worried me because of the general paranoia I got accustomed to but also of the “hey, dude - what are you trying to say…?”

Further on, this using of cyrillic sentences made me wonder, and point to point - this is an awkward situation to put new or long termed players up to.

  • I mean, there is personal chat for that.

I dont wanna make it all bad, and if people like to type cyrillic then they can type in private corps and fleets. But there is also a voice chat option, so I dont know, I just think that excluding those characters would be a step forward.

And to all of those who are opposing my idea, - why do you want to continue this weird “secret” behavior?

What about French, German, Spanish?

If anyone wonder, how that ended up: original forum topic

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The French, the German and Spanish you say?

Well you make an oblivious point good sir, I really dont know how to address this but to say, that the French speak of love and are of no harm in local chats what so ever!

What scares me most of a language I dont understand, is letters I dont understand.

(you can quote me on that)

So do you not have an issue with the bottom of the forums that are in “scary looking language”

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I’d be welling to bet this dude is American. Whole ■■■■■■■ world revolves around them, didn’t ya know?!

There are significant demographics who play this game, that do not natively speak English. Edit: There are even significant portions within those demographics who don’t speak English at all.

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You are bad
Stop posting
Get help


So, you find your self as a new player.

And you get weird messages written in cyrillic aplhabet.

And thats what you see, weird massages writen in a foreign language in your chat window.

Would you feel safe and secure then? Or abnoxious and revolting? (revolting, well maybe with time, but that where it took me where I am now)

Yes, but then again I’m not xenophobic. I don’t associate people who are different from me as being automatically scary.

Eve is not an English game. It’s a global, international, multi-cultural universe where everyone is welcome. Except xenophobes. You’re wise to be posting from an alt.


@ISD_Sakimura might be worth visiting this topic to see if it’s worth closing. xenophobia has no place in eve.

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Closed for trolling.