Some considerations - since 2003

Good morning everyone, these are ideas, although based on complaints from some players.


  • EVE has been around for over a decade, with many players from all over the world. I still don’t understand why there is no translation of the game into Spanish and Portuguese. Some demographics:

Spanish (538 million speakers)

Native speakers: 460 million
Non-native speakers: 74 million

It is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of the number of native speakers. In addition, it is the third most used on the internet. Spanish is the second most studied language in the world as well.

Portuguese (252 million speakers)

Native speakers: 221 million
Non-native speakers: 13 million
Portuguese is another of the languages ​​that expanded in the European colonial period. Today it is the official language of 9 countries divided between Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The greatest exponent in terms of territorial extension and number of speakers is Brazil. In addition, it is the most widely spoken language in the southern hemisphere. However, the language has official status in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe. Learn more about the main characteristics of Portuguese-speaking countries.

Something - now - more current

It would be prudent for the CCP to handle the ‘alpha’ accounts so that they can at least fulfill the tasks of the PVE.

I understand that EVE is not a ‘free’ game - although the advertisement says so. I also know that, over time, it is possible to acquire some skills, however, EVE is still unfair to what its advertisements say (it is a free game).

What would be PvE tasks that alphas currently cannot fulfill?

As I see it, alphas can try a lot of things, from mining to exploration, hauling, industry, trading… but are limited in many of them because of the nature of free accounts.

If alphas would be nearly equal for industry compared to omega characters, people would just make many free alpha alts to scale up. Likewise if PI, or good trading skills became available for alphas.

The current limits have a good purpose. They allow new players to try many aspects of the game without negatively affecting the game, while also offering new players an upgrade to any of their playstyles if they consider to upgrade to omega.


Abyssal, alpha accounts don’t go past T2 (if you’re lucky). Incursions are other… the alpha accounts are just the missions given by agents - which are absurdly rare…

About this ‘thing’:

  • “The current limits have a good purpose.” - is just non sense.

About this:

  • “playstyles if they consider to upgrade to omega.” - It would also be prudent for the CCP to think that we are experiencing a global crisis where the vast majority of countries in the world, except for a few, have the dollar with quoted values far above their respective inflations.

What costs 14 dollars in the US, in other countries - for example - costs the equivalent of 80 dollars (Brazil is an example).

If you want to progress into more demanding parts of the game such as higher tier abyssals or incursions, consider becoming omega.

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I’ve been here since 2014, it’s been many years and some of them, with Omega. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep it and I explained the reasons above. It is not something merely individual, of a player, but a reality that imposes itself and I think it is prudent for CCP to review this.

But what would be the reason for players to pay CCP to continue developing and maintaining the game if players can play the most demanding PvE as Alpha?

Or is it up to the PvP players to keep the game afloat? Or is it up to all other players and is just your playstyle of high end subcap PvE an exception that should be free to play all the way to the top?

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T4 cruisier abyss

I know at lest few incursion group that have alpha fits.

Even when only mining/huffing in venture. It took me less than 30 days to plex account. Without joining a corp.

It would take less time to google “eve online alpha isk making” than making this ranting post. I’m shocked and speechless that someone playing longer than me have like zero in game knowledge…


I don’t run the CCP - neither do you. It’s not the game that keeps the CPP ‘accounts’. Companies like these invest in other funds, other extra game activities, but I don’t want to get into that topic. I was absolutely clear when I wrote: ‘the CCP would be prudent…’. I said what I wanted to say, there is no controversy here, it is up to them, if they read it, to think about it.

And just to make it clear: when I mentioned ‘localization’ (translation, two languages) I also considered the potential of players.

There are almost a billion people who speak Spanish and Portuguese on several continents and whose countries depend - unfortunately - on the dollar and the dollar is hyper-inflated in these regions. A quick search can confirm this.

So basically you want more abilities as an alpha?

Mm. No.

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“I want to play for free because I have rights and my feelings and opinions are facts. I, obviously, will not admit that alpha can make good isk and that beyond that there should be limitations to alpha. Because I want to play for free, not because it makes (economic) sense”.


You want spanish and portugese localization, find some volunteers who can very fluently translate, and they then can volunteer with ccp to translate and continually translate as needed

Doesnt matter how many people speak the two. If not enough of them are a player base, its not gonna happen unless someone steps up to do it. As so far anyone who bitched about it, wont volunteer



I know that the virtual environment is full of ideas that imagine ‘speaking for others’, but I don’t usually fall for these types of childish provocations - in general, made by those who can’t even speak for themselves.

Wrong, it is only an economic and social issue, given a fact that is independent of ‘ideas’ or ‘speaking for third parties’: the dollar is hyperinflated, which makes a game ‘sold’ as ‘free’ in fact non-existent .

Another notorious fact is that not even alpha accounts can comply with the basics of the game, PVE. There’s no judgment of ‘I wish everyone was like me, a spoiled rich playboy - if not, I don’t think others have any right to play something’.

Things are simple and can be resolved without ‘false controversies’ raised or argued by a few ‘spoiled kids’.

Why you link this?


Thank you, I signed up as a translator in three different languages.

Thanks for linking.

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Alpha can PVE just fine, make tons of isk. Perhaps you’re just bad OR you’re trying to gain capability while using a false pretence. If by “PVE” you mean “sit afk in a belt with no effort” then go get lost, we don’t need more bots or “players” who might as well be a bot.

You’re the one asking for things to be made easier, who’s the spoiled one?

You still don’t understand, here in this forum you speak for yourself and not for others. That doesn’t depend on what you think about the world, games, whatever. What serves you exclusively serves you - maybe someone else - but never, ever, under any circumstances, ‘everyone’.

I know you came into this thread just to ‘confuse’, but I think you’re in the wrong place if the idea is just to ‘cause confusion’.

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There’s enough - plus, the biggest PVE factions are made up of Brazilians and Spanish-speaking people. English is used ‘in game’ because they consider the language ‘international’. CCP has control over this - they haven’t added the translation yet because that would involve ‘expenditure’ - after so many years, there is only this reasonable explanation.

Choose. So which of the two is it, do you speak for all the Spanish speaking ones or just for yourself? Because if you then you shouldn’t go “look at all these Spanish speaking people”.

Also, Portuguese might not WANT to see a Spanish version but a Portuguese one so it’s really not that simple.

It’s funny that they allow this kind of behavior on this forum. You do not enter the topic under debate, proposed, you just try to argue that the author has no right to even think, much less express his ideas.

What regrets is to see this type of situation completely allowed in this forum.

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No, I’m showing inconsistencies in your argument. You don’t get to go “yeah you just talk for yourself” while also going “look at all these people speaking Spanish”. Same with “alpha’s can’t make money”: yes they can, just fine: YOU just can’t or want to make more.

None of your statements are factual other than “this applies to me personally” which is even more hilarious when you tell me that I only speak for myself.

And that even ignores the point of WANTING localisation: why would you remove yourself from the rest of the player base if the game is in a completely different language from everyone else? If some Spanish person new to the game doesn’t understand something and he looks up a guide, or the wiki or asks someone who then explains it in English with English EVE wording. How the F does that make sense? For Russian it kinda makes sense because it’s literally a different alphabet but beyond that it’s just silly.