A "stack everything" feature

There should be a feature where you can stack everything in the current cargo bay, it will automatically organize everything into stacks instead of having to manually stack all for a specific item.

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wrong section first off… this is the forum feedback and request… you can edit the topic and change it to “player feature & ideas”

second, if you right click anywhere in cargo bay, item hangar etc., you get an option for stack all. the only things that don’t stack, are unpackaged mods or MTU’s etc… you can repackage them to stack them…

edit* ok i see what you are talking about now, you want an option that when something is added to the cargo bay, it automatically stacks to whatever else is already in the cargo bay.

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Yet another good idea that should be put on the back burner for a year or 2… Bummer.

Auto-stack-all as a toggle option (because deliberate stack splits are a thing that is seriously necessary for contract/mass fits management) would be a suggestion suited to the Little things / Small QoL suggestions thread. Please read the first post in that thread and match the requested posting format so that the devs working on QoL projects can easily capture your suggestion in their tracker.


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