Planetary Interaction idea

Hi All.

My suggestion of what i would like is to either be able to name a spaceport… or maybe a “note” or something of the like that i can see in the import items window on the customs office…

i have a planet or two across my characters i have set up as just a factory planet. which have multiple space ports…
so when shipping in stuff to said planet and the customs office screen lists the spaceports as CU-N4X and other jibberish. And i have a ship full of items to spread into the various spaceports… It is quite time consuming to go into planet mode and constantly check the routes of items going to each spaceport in order to figure out where i am importing certain items into…

if there was names, or even notes that showed on the import items screen for spaceports. i could filter down the items down from the customs office into the relevant spaceport without all the messing around.


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Certainly something I’ve wished for in the past.

My work-around has always just been to meticulously set up my planets so that “on all production planets, the first pad takes X and the second pad takes Y”.

hey @ISD_Sakimura

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