[ Planetary ] Renameing

Hello! CCP please can you make the Launchpad and Storage renameable? It will be so nice improve for the Planetary players.
And maybe just me but can you make the Sky Hook withouth cabel? You dont need to do so much thing just delete the cabel and let the tube as the entry point like the old POCO. It will be much much cooler. :slight_smile:


I was growling about launch pads names just last night. One of my factories uses like 6, and I have to keep a note pad open to ensure stuff goes in the right hole. Like we don’t have enough extra steps and clicks for PI already…

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My trick on factory planets is to have one launchpad per input item and set up the routes so that the random storage names are the same alphabetical order as the input item names.

No notepads or memory needed, easy filling!