Launchpad Upgrades

It would be amazing if we could upgrade the launchpads in PI, to increase the storage space but at a cost to cpu/power. This would massively help remove quite a bit of the regularly checking in of factory planets and be a big time saver. I’d hope it could be quite straightforward to implement as you already have the upgrade system for the CC so the UI exists already.

And also renaming of launchpads which I found loads of posts about before :slight_smile:

Two tricks I use that may be useful for you:

Add a second launchpad and let half of the factories deliver to one, half to the other. Works great for P1 planets when I do wish to spend less time on them. Downside: takes extra CPU and PG, but for me that’s worth it.

Alphabetical order - when setting up factory planet routes, place all infrastructure first and set the routes from the launchers based on alphabet. For example if I have a factory planet for gel-matrix biopaste with three launchers that respectively take biocells, oxides and superconductors, I make sure that the top launcher takes biocells, the second takes oxides and the third takes superconductors. This makes it really easy for me to remember what goes where without having to look up the routes.

It also wouldn’t hurt to be able to rename launchpads since you can rename ships, cans, towers, citadels, bookmarks, etc. I don’t do PI anymore so I won’t comment on the changing the actual structure, but yeah, rename that thing.

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