Planetary interaction idea

Hey Folks

I know there is some changes coming to the Planetary Interactions here real soon. Sadly I am having to put up some PI now and was thinking how to keep t rack of what toon is building what for PI. I know many of us have multiple toons and the scratch pieces of paper or spread sheets with tons of notes on the.

Was wondering if it be possible to add a note line in there planetary page of what the planet is making. Keep it like 60 characters long.

Just a silly idea.

A number of out of game tools can do this for you.

If you have an iPhone: Neocom II will help. Not sure on the android side.

Also you have spreadsheets for this as well.

That is true i was just trying to keep it simple and not have to open up another spread sheet for the notes of what planet is doing what and which toon it is.

Like I said. just a silly idea to help improve on the quality of life thing

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