Add HQ location as search criteria for corp Search/Recruitment

(Carl Smite) #1

If you already have a base system, as a player, it should be easier to find corps that operate in the same area - without clicking on each one to see where they are located.

(Qia Kare) #2

Frequently the HQ for a corporation as listed is erroneous on purpose so that people gathering intel on that corporation have a harder time of sniffing them out. It is a nice thought, but the results wouldn’t be as reliable as one would hope.

(ISD Sakimura) #3

Edited your title to make it more clear on what you wanted, and I’d suggest you put it into the QoL thread

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(Daichi Yamato) #4

Your hq doesn’t need to be where your players are.

I do wish it was easier to find locals and even their active times.

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(Carl Smite) #5

Something like “We’re active in X region” would be fine. Doesn’t pinpoint them for potential hostiles, but good enough to get an idea if you’d want to join or not.

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