Corporate Recruit Finder, Corporate Mercenary hiring QOL

Corporate Finder

  • add “sort findings by your region”. this will make the “results” check only whats in your target region. Drop down option field (allowing selection of each region)
  • set it as default option (check mark) on bottom
  • add an option for members to join corporations “Ie a reverse application”
  • set up conditions like “security space” “type of activity” etc.
  • add alpha/omega clone recruitment option for corporations to recruit or join.

Mercenary system

  • move the “corporations for hire” into another separate gui in social section in the nav.
  • add a “per kill” and “victory value offered” and a “max kill paid” option as well as a “bonus if killed, paid this amount” option
  • set in a tab for the current “find merc corporations”
  • add another tab for the same gui for corporations to “post for help” which has the coded mechanics of removing isk from the corporate wallet.
  • enable mercenary corporations to exit contracts when the hired corporation cannot pay the values (or set it up to remove the isk on the contract creation)

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