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Sorry, but the Corporation Search tool needs an overhaul and upgrade. I can click on a Corporation and find stuff but the filters are limited. I shouldn’t have to keep selecting every single corp after I pick some basic categories. Ideally, I should be able to say okay I like flying in the XYZ area are there any Corps with structures around here that I might be able to look into. Also, I could filter by faction, If I want to find out if they only allow one faction I should be able to include a faction in my search (it exists at the bottom of each corps as to which factions they allow) to help maybe find out what area of space they operate in. I have wasted too many characters either joining a corp by a random recruiter flying in ‘Newbro space’ only to find out their HQ and players are 50 jumps away. That, or the agent in the station is from when they used to operate in this system so it’s also pretty useless.

I would like to be able to filter everything available I see when I click on the information button for a corporation. Not just having filters like the type of space (HS/LS/NS/WH) and maybe a type of gameplay focus (you may not know right away) with some other features that end up not matching the corps a lot of times as well. Or at least more of those filters that exist on the corporation not just their tax information. I might want to search them with a range of members (like looking for a university- not too big or small so I can get assistance maybe), not just the active time zone which never ends up being accurate. For example, if I wanted to be an Industrialist player in Galente space I should be able to select some more features so that I don’t end up picking a corp with the tool which ends up located with a HQ and stuff in Amarr or Caldari space; I plan to stay local. I did think about the “concern about seeing POS” but you can do that already in the game, it’s still again having to pick out which are the NPCs vs not, but it’s there.

Maybe an additional feature to add would be to select ‘nearby stations’ to see what Corps come up on the list. This would provide a player an idea of where they could seek to put in an application, just not allow those which are closed or just a one-player structure. I would like to know if there is any active corp with a nearby station if I wanted to be a miner. Right now it’s very much like throwing a dart at a board and seeing what sticks, which explains why when I look at a Veteran player’s employment history it can be a crazy list with sometimes 3 or 5 days only at a corp. So for a New player, it’s really hard to use the Corporation tool’s drop-downs to help select something nearby (which is likely what most are looking to do with their free ships now) after they finish up their career agents and want to move on to the next thing.

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