Here's an idea for corporations in Eve

I think there needs to be an activity meter for a corporation when you look to join one so you know how active the group is I’m sure it’s possible for you to calculate how many people log in every day inside a corporation

I’m sure it’s possible for CCP to do this

searching for a corporation is a major pain in the ass I don’t want to join a 00 Corporation or Alliance but at the same time I don’t want to be a part of a dead Corporation and has nobody in it I wish the Search tool was better right now it’s absolute trash because it has all the dead corporations they might have a lot of members but none of them ever login anymore there needs to be an activity meter of some kind and also I think also if a Corp doesn’t have any active members in the last week it should not show up at all on the search results that would get rid of a lot of crap if nobody logs in within a week it’s obvious the Corp is dead or is too casual for most people


Been a long while since I trawled through corp ads, but I like the concept of removing the ad from the public list of there’s been no activity for a week.

Thats why you come here and go through the recruitment center

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