Suggestion: Corporate Info Window Improvements

Hello Pilots and Developers,

Writing this suggestion to make a single change to eve. This would be to remove the player count from the info area of the corporation, and provide a text replacement instead. The reason and logic behind this change is because it takes an incredible amount of effect in eve to get a corporation off the ground, and it should not be so difficult to do so.

as such i am recommending that we change the number value of a corp viewed to the public to a new replacement “status”. This will provide info based on how old the corp is, and how many players it has had over the previous month that were active (played in that 30 day period).

It would look something like

Status: New Corporation, Active.
Status: Old Corporation, Highly Active.
Status: Established Corporation, Inactive.

These provide some level of “smoke” around what the corporation has, as this single “player number” value is used by players all over eve to automatically rule a corporation worthy or not.
with this change players should start looking deeper into the corporation, what they do etc. this should give traction to the corporations mission/objective statements and not so much a spam number which all so often results in inactive players.


I actually like this idea. Or at least something along those lines. As the game is now, finding a good corp is completely random luck, which is bad game design. Incorporating some kind of metrics into the client to give better clues as to the quality of a corp pretty much has to happen for EVE to have a future. Your justifications are a complete turd. The goal shouldn’t be to hide from wardecs. The goal should be to not suck, which this could be part of.

I like the metrics of sites like Eve Prism. They’re not perfect, yet they’re at least something for getting a sense of growth and activity of a group. Incorporating these into the in-game corporation recruitment client may help with NPE.

When looking through corp adds, a graph that shows how many of a corps players are logged in over the course of the day would stop corps from lying about their activity. Make it an average of the last month or so.

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