Do you know resident corporations, or alliances, in your area in highsec?

Title says it all!

Basically, people you see regularly in the same system(s) where you reside as well.
Please state corpname, TimeZone and whereabouts!

Curious if there are any people who notice any residents, and activity!

Thank you!


Sure. I see a lot, I watch a lot. We exploration types know many, many things. You’re going to have to do your own research, though?

Here’s an idea - get some scouts in your corp? Or am I misinterpreting the motive behind your request?

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I would imagine OP is just curious if people in hisec are paying attention to their surroundings…

This is the sort of information I would want handed to me, to pick wardec targets. Where and when, what base? They do, eh? Those ships, those activities? You don’t say…

Information should not be handed over for free. It’s power, and it has value.

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Seems perfectly innocent and reasonable. If anybody can include ship scans they have of fittings over 1 bill I’d appreciate it too

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I reside in Jita - there is a lot of corps and activity all around the clock. You are welcome.


Hmmm, how to respond to prolific forum troll, whose primary activity appears to be ganking pods in Forge… ah, wait, I’ve got it.

“I see many pilots in my area, they are from a friendly group of do-gooders and cat-rescuers who are allied under the helpful umbrella name of CODE. You should go hang out with them, they’re your kinda people!”


Sure thing:

Kimotoro, all time zones really, a myriad of different corps. This part of high sec is a very busy area.


Plenty of active corps (many moon mining) in my main’s current area (in hisec). Every now and then I can scoop up their T2 and augmented mining drones right after downtime :smiling_imp: and for this very reason wont mention where and who they are. :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s your playing char, right?

No this is just my CEO alt. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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Yes. I do that. Alot.

Its a remnant of my EVE paranoia. No longer a needed strategy but so hardwired a 3 year break from EVE had 0 impact on it.
I need to know who’s simply playing around me and who I need to track. That goes for corporations and alliances too. They tend to have a “feel” for them.
It also helps in determining who’s overeaching; aka who’s stealing from MTU’s without backup etc.
I also have bookmarks running in very high numbers (excluding the ancient warp to 0 on gate BM’s)

Pretending everybody is out to get you might seem a tiresome way of playing EVE, but it still works for me. Combining it with not undocking what you cant afford to lose makes for fun with pixels even when others are having “fun” too.
Last but not least; it prepares me for a return to less ‘safe’ space.

I also still very much believe that situational awareness matters.

Good luck finding targets btw :slight_smile:


You’re one of the better players. :slight_smile:

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My C4 starts with the letter J

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