Returning player looking for a corp

Hi there!
I’m looking for the english-speaking corporation in high or low sec systems.
Now I’m farming abysses near Jita.

Have an experience in pvpve, wh, 0.0 and many many other.
What I’m looking for:
Looking for corporation or alliance living in high or low sec. The main purpose - to find an adult adequate team to play together.

If you have any question - please convo me ingame.

Greetings ! We are a hisec corp based close to jita, we mainly do mining ops (ore,gas, and ice) and do lv 4 missions. We are a relaxed corp, with EU and US tz. If you want to ask anything plz send in-game mail

Hello, if you want an adult adequate team to game with, and you’d like to give Null a try, we are open to all pilots. We are also a very relaxed corporation in a relaxed Alliance that does well where we live. We have PVP/PVE content all the time. Feel free to look at our current ad. You can also send me a mail in game Shepherd Cage.

Hey there, Our corporation is part of a fast-growing alliance that is based in high sec, only 8 jumps from Jita. We can offer weekly ops, experienced players and coms. Mainly US/EU TZ. If you are interested send a mail to Jerome104 and we can chat more.

Still looking for corp

Biohazard. is a notorious pvp corporation that chooses targets over security.
We live in a remote nullsec region & superactive low sec region

Our hunters go out each day to collect skulls and wreck havoc across New Eden. While others maintain our settlements, replenish our ammo and ships. Our home is lucrative to maintain several accounts, fund your pvp and supercapital toys.

■ Nullsec ■ Lowsec ■ Large/Small Scale PVP
■ Buyback program ■ Services ■ Industry

Meet us on discord: or convo me!

Hello I have sent a in game mail convo me

not worth considering Null sec, we also do some Abyssal runs but as a small fleet of frigates got what you described just in null instead of low sec

FAYN Industries

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