Sentinels of Lunacy - Take your Characters to the next level

We are the Sentinels of Lunacy, we offer

  • Fleet roams along side ‘Providences’ best pilots.
  • Industrial Based Corp
  • Corp BPC Bank
  • Alliance Ship Replacement Program.
  • Alliance Regular Moon mining operations for our corp.
  • Regular PvE fleets.
  • Capital build programs.
  • Global player base.
  • A wealth of knowledge in all areas of the game.
  • A place to log on with no dramas.

The Sentinels of Lunacy offers place for your Characters to reach its next level by establishing its self in Null.
Enjoy the benefits Null sec life affords with the support of an established Alliance and its allies.
We have positive standings across the region with all the major Blue alliances, and are proud to be able to offer you the same opportunity.

As we have already explained we make NO DEMANDS other than the NRDS and NO drama rules, everything else is optional. Most other Alliances in Eve are Dictatorial in that they insist that their member corporations attend statutory fleets or face the threat of being “kicked” or punished in some other way. We do not, we encourage our member corporations to interact with one another however the choice of either to or not is down to the individual players.

Alliance Info:

Contact in game Shepherd Cage or elSchabei Crendraven


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