Indy Corp looking for an Industrial Branch for an Alliance


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Sentinels of Lunacy is looking for a well established Null Alliance that has a well oiled branch for Industrial Corps. We have high motivation for making Capital Ships and anything below. We’ve recently just moved back to lowsec where we regrouped to take on some RL matters and now we are again ready to engage our skills to better serve the fight through doctrine manufacturing and capital supplements.

Our corp times vary, as we’ve flown throughout the known universe of Eve collecting solid pilots from the West side of the United States to the East coast, on around to the UK, Germany and even Russia. The way we see it, manufacturing and mining the universe doesn’t have time to sleep and rely on timers. We have jobs to complete!

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Well hello there

I can’t talk on behalf of our alliance but LORDE alliance could be exactly what you’re after, based in null, always wanting to expand and create a dominating force, we are but one of the many corps in this alliance, type them into woogle and if no likey, no lighty

But if it sounds good, then who knows, we may be able to join forces, like the power rangers did to create the megazord

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If you are able to embrace NRDS, Care Factor (Alliance) has resources ready for industrialists.

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Hi shepherd
The Dacian Armarda is looking for corps at the minute will send you details in game

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Hey there, Federation Uprising looking for an Industrial corp to help manage and lead our Industrial wing and our Industry alliance, Intaki Quartermasters Auxiliary Corps [AUXUP]. We own sovereignty in Pure Blind and have all the resources you need, including one of the best private markets of any null group, multiple engineering complexes (including Azbel and Sotiyo), and moon mining as well as regular ol’ anom mining. All mining stays within the alliance and is used towards industry and none is exported. If you’re interested, here’s our Discord:

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