Highsec Industrial corp looking to move to null

Indy/mining/trade corp (40+ active members) considering a move from highsec to null (sov or NPC), open to alliance or rental. We are proud of who we are, but are looking for a better opportunity and want to be part of something bigger. Reply in forum to this message if you think we can be a good fit for you.


Sent you an in game mail.

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If you are able to embrace Not Red, Don’t Shoot philosophy and help defend your mates, give Care Factor a gander.


We’ve got space for you to rent if you’re interested.

Hey Jo. LORDE is currently recruiting active corps to come join us. I have sent you an eve mail. o7

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Did you ever find the place to call home?

I sent an in game mail. A waiting a reply o7 I hope you’re finding some luck

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