Industrial Corp looking for alliance in nullnec


Small but experienced industrial Corp looking for an alliance in null sec. Can build all ship types and pvp as well.

Post here or send a message.


If you’re interested in joining an alliance that can use indy corps and are interested in PvP you should come have a chat with us.


We are from Querious region… The alliance is Stellae Renascitur, part of QFC ( Querious Fight Club ). If you are interested in more detalies please let me know.

Good day.

If you are able to adhere to Not-Red-Don’t-Shoot philosophy, you may wish to consider Care Factor.

Is it possible for member corps to own their own Engineering structures?

For Care Factor, yes, member corps may own their own Engineering (and other) Upwell structures.

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Bump. Still looking!

Im thinking about joining. Corp website interest me. Im a miner and would like to know how many moon mining sites do you have? How often do they spawn? Also how fare are you from Jita?

Care Factor currently have five active, null moon mining sites.
We have them on a three day cycle that allows our members to moon mine every day of the week, if the active moon does not get mined out within 3 days.

You may use to see our distance from Jita to (our null systems.)

Still looking.

Hello, contact our member Nexuscralwer of the Alliance E.B.O.L.A.

Give us a shout. We are part of an Alliance doing what you are looking for. We can network for you.

would you be willing to merge with a corp?

When I am on eve after work today I can invite you in a chat with our Head of the Alliance to look at the ability/possibility to bring your Corp down to Null. If you were interested in merging into NQ we can look at this too.

The area of null we are in is Minmatar Space down in Detorid. Would you like me to contact you in game later today?

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