Looking for Null-Sec Industrial Corp

Hi All, I am looking for some sort of null-sec home for 6 industrial characters. We mostly mine and build but have been training for PVP most recently. We are currently living in HS, with trips to wormholes as they spawn in our area. We are happy to PVP as needed, but also like our quiet time when the kids and wife allow it.

sent you a mail! lets chat!

Sent an in game mail - I think I can definitely help with this.


Good afternoon! I know that you’re interested in nullsec so I can’t help on that front (yet). However, I can offer the next best thing: a profitable corner of empire space! My corporation, NEFARIOUS INTENTIONS, our alliance STRICTLY UNPROFESSIONAL, and its sister alliance MILDY UNPROFESSIONAL are cultivating a profitable corner of Gallente space with access to highsec and lowsec systems. We mine belts and moon goo during the day (EST) and hunt unsuspecting locals or engage in fleet operations at night. If you’re interested in making some ISK within reach of Dodixie and Jita then hit me up in-game!

Come speak with us mate

Hey buddy come jump on discord for chat

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