Small Industrial Corp LF Null Home

Good afternoon,

I’m the CEO of a small industry corp who is looking to get into Null sec in order to recruit and expand. We are currently all EST, and have only a few real people in corp. We are looking for a chill place where we can just lay back and chat while we mine and build. Definitely willing to join in on the PVP action as well.

Please let me know what your alliance has to offer and if you’d be able to help us out! Thanks.

PS. Would also possibly interested in renting if the numbers are right.

I suggest talking with our recruiter for our Alliance. In game name: Derris Su’Fak.

There’s great freedom out here with us.

PVP Home Defense is a must, so you sound like you meet the minimum requirements as a corp.

Back to the top!

Most large groups won’t really take in 15 members unless it’s a renter option, might want to consider a merger if you’re looking for the best possible outcome.

Check out SLYCE Pirates if you’d like to be in the north.

Hey mate,

Warped Intentions is always looking to grow. If you are planning to grow your corp as you say, we may have a place for you. Have a look.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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