Indy/PvP Corp looking for an Alliance

Limited Memory Management is looking for a up and coming Null Alliance to join that has a need of more Industrialists. Our corporation has over a dozen active members in EU/US TZ’s. We’re primarily Indy/PvP with a focus on T2 and Capital production. An alliance that allows for moon mining is a big plus for the corporation.

We have access to multiple capital pilots, with an assortment of vets and newbros looking to PvP while pursuing their dreams of munching rocks.

If you wish to set up a meeting, or continue discussions please send Assimilate Sasen a mail on EvE, or reply to this post. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Come check us out!!!

Dacian Armada Seeking Corporations :wink: About to send mail as well o7

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