Looking for a new indy corp home in Null

Was a member of same corp for years (Absolute Order XVIII) but decided to leave as they were moving away from balanced indy/pvp to just pvp operations. I joined Pandemic Horde a few weeks ago but I’m not sure its a good fit (At least not the main corp, maybe allied one?) 99% of my focus is indy/mining related but I do like to do some occasional Capital/Carrier ratting. I completely suck at PVP but willing to give it a try and blow up for the cause if needed in a fleet.

What I’m looking for:

  1. Smaller 'ish" indy/mining corp that is a member of a fairly strong alliance for somewhat safeish space for Rorqual mining.

  2. Moons to either mine “taxed” or rent

  3. Facilities or facility geared for capital ship building (it’s my indy focus, mostly phoenix, Revs and nagalfars and carriers if/when the market comes back)

3a.-If your an indy corp on the smaller side of things but a good fit I would be willing to setup the station/rigs at my cost (Azbel or Soy depending on neg terms of deal). This prob isin’t needed but wanted to put it out there…

My Main is right near 125mil SP
-Can fly: (JF, Carriers, Dreads, Rorq and most everything else with the sub skills besides a Titan) Ship focus is mostly Caldari with some exceptions.

Can build just about anything including Titans “but haven’t yet”
60ish days from lvl 5 reprocessing for all rocks

Hello Liam, our corp is an Indy/PvP Corp,
I was in Horde as well a few weeks ago, I liked it a lot, The fleets we great, the FC’s are awesome, only the market was completely saturated and hard to make isk. So I left.
I joined a growing corp out in Cloud Ring with Shadow Alliance.
We are Fuel Block Manufacturers, so we are ice mining and doing PI.
The Alliance itself is young so the need for PvP is real and it would be a great chance to grow. If you like ice mining give us a shout:

Hey there, I’m from HVYCC. We’re a 0.0 corporation out of Geminate and members of No Visual. alliance, and part of the Winter Coalition. We are a PVP corp, but looking for a strong industrial pilot or two to help us grow into bigger and better things!

We’re a small tight knit PVP corp looking for like minded people who just wanna get on and have fun! We have access to small gang, blops, large fleets, and cap fleets!

We also have access to ISK opportunities such as:

  • Guristas ratting
  • Moon, ore, and ice mining
  • PI

We also have corp, alliance, and coalition SRP!

If you’re interested stop by your discord!

If you’d like to read more about us, here is our recruitment post: HVYCC-Stay Heavy Friends. Null PVP/Industry Alpha/Veterans Welcome

Hey Liam,

S0B is one of the more active alliances in Geminate, we have the moons and the infrastructure you need to do what is needed for just about anything you can think of. We are 1 Jump to Low and 9 jumps to Jita. We have logistic services, buy back programs SIGs and have the ability to rent out personal moons. Come chat with us in game or in our discord we have plenty of corps that would love to talk to you.

hello we are a small tightnit indy corp in dracarys that is part of the imperium, join our discord and see if we are a fit for you. REPZ

Hi Liam,

If you are looking for a laid back group of players who like to work together to achieve big things in Eve, while hanging together on comms and having a laugh then 4S maybe for you.

Watch 4S in Action

Join our Discord and send us a message: 4S Gaming

Fly Safe

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