Indy Corp in -.9 NPC Null Seeking PvP Corp Partner

(Pasher Diaguardi) #1

We’re an industrial corp based in NPC null-sec (-.9 security), and are looking to either partner up (Alliance possible) with an established PvP Corp (10+ members), or build out our PvP wing by recruitment.

While we’re blue to the key locals and have a number of respectably powerful allies, we’d like to ensure that we have a combat wing available both for mining protection, and to project force where necessary against particularly stubborn aggressors. And much to our miners’ chagrin, there have been no lack of stubborn aggressors lately.

We’re adult, low-stress, well-structured and resourced with Structures and ‘jump bridges’ to/from Jita and Amarr, and can support PvP players with manufacturing, shipping and low-cost ship replacement.

If you’re a small- to medium-sized PvP Corp looking for a change of scenery and the prospect of an easy landing in deep NPC null-sec appeals, please get in contact here via reply, or join “AquitainePub” for a conversation about potential collaboration.

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