Indy Corp Wanted for NPC Null (USTZ)

  1. We are a PVP alliance that has good control of our space during our TZ.
  2. We stock our market and use the proceeds to fund our PVP and Infrastructure needs.
  3. We have historical market data to identify the best selling goods.
  4. We have multiple high quality moons available for miners.
  5. We have plans that require you!

What we NEED is an Industrial Corp that can Mine/React/Build the goods we need to wage war and strife on our enemies.

  1. Can your corp mine smartly and pay attention to intel channels? If yes then lets talk.
  2. Can your corp React and Build T2 Hulls/Mods/Ammo from Frigate to Battleship? If yes then lets talk.
  3. (Bonus Points) Does your corp want to experience pvp without CTA’s or fear of losses? If yes, great, lets talk.

We want 1 corp that enjoys mining, reacting and building goods. This corp needs to be USTZ based.

Contact Neva Second via in game mail to get more details.

Still looking for Indy Savants

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