Sentinels of Lunacy is looking for all types of pilots. Especially pvp and miners that aren’t scared of the darkness! During the Chaos age, we still triumph over our enemies with the help of our alliance and coalition members.

We prefer experienced pilots, however will take on someone with less experience that wishes to get out of high and low sec.

We live in NRDS space
Corp Rules are easy

  • While we know your RL will always come first, We require you to be active while adventuring with us in nullsec.
  • No high sec mining or mission running, we are a nullsec corp. We have plenty for you to do.
  • Alliance Rules trump Corp Rules, as always.

We need PVP pilots and those willing to help mine all things. The Corp and Alliance will buy your mined components, ships and whatever else you want to sell that we can use to build things with.

Please message either Shepherd Cage, elSchabei Crendraven or Miinasaki in game for more information.

Our TZ is Global, meaning we don’t do just US TZ or DE/EU, we love having people on around the clock US/EU/DE/RU/AU, although we do have some members that really wish there were more US-West Coast evening gamers to join them.

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