Null Corp - Looking for Active Pilots

Established Null Corp looking for pilots of all size.
Family Environment, Real Life comes 1st.

Our Lunacy Mission:
Sentinels of Lunacy is made up of members that have flown with each other for many years and are always open to new pilots wishing to be around members that work well together.

What we offer:
:hammer_and_pick: Mining the Universe including Moons
:new_moon: Corp level moon rentals from Alliance
:rat: Ratting up to and including Sansha Sanctums, depending on your experience
:shield: PVP to help protect the Alliance and Coalition as well as Offensive
:moneybag: Corp & Alliance Buyback Programs for Ore, Minerals, PI, and Salvage
:man_factory_worker: Alliance & Coalition Industrial Ship/Fit productions
:hole: We also have access to a static WH if you feel the desire to explore and mine gas.
:iphone: Discord Corp/Alliance Comms
:studio_microphone: TeamSpeak Alliance Comms
:studio_microphone: Mumble Coalition Comms
:grey_question: Extensive Mentoring in any aspect of EVE
:joystick: A fun membership based in US, DE, UK, FR, CN and sometimes even AU TimeZones

What we require:
Willing to participate in fleets to defend our members
Willing to work on keeping ADMs maxed for the Alliance
Willing to be active while in corp (daily) while understanding RL comes 1st.
Having a working microphone and access to Discord (corp/alliance)
Being in Fleet at all times (standing fleets if not on CTA or gang roams)
Making sure your TeamSpeak and Mumble works with voice/hearing
Able to communicate maturely
The ability to communicate in English (or even if you use a translator app)
Good sense of humor and team ethic
If KOS then I’m sorry you can’t join.

How to apply:
Join our in-game public channel SFFSPUB
Log into our Discord Channel and say hi and introduce yourself.
Or contact one of our recruiters below:

Contact a recruiter:
Anytime - Shade Marley, Shepherd Cage
DE/UK - elSchabei Crendraven

Still looking for pilots of all playing styles. We survived the blackout without any issues! Let’s go, join up! Lots of stuff to do!

Make it so… Join us to live long and prosper!
I do role play a bit in my corp… It’s always fun when playing a game to role play a little.

Did I mention we have lots of content for all players?

Teal’c: Are you considering the same tactic as I?
Jack: Teal’c, the cliche is, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking” and the answer’s yes.

Great, now I have to start watching SG1 again

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Isn’t it great? fav show of all time

I love it, and with so many seasons you can really get into it and get to know the characters. They are all great but Jack towers above the rest for me.

I’ve watch it soooo many times that now, I’ll watch the first movie, then the first season episode 1, then the last episode, then will continue to do that for the rest of the timeline. first/last unless it’s a two part, then both on each end. Or I’ll pick specific ones like, Window of Opportunity or 1969 or countless others. Jack is awesome.

They are the best!

We are still recruiting. COme and join us. pleant ou things to shoot at

Join us, we have Holy Handgrenades!

Good morning, time to guard the crazies. Admission open

Come kill reds in Provi.

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