Losing scanned locations during a disconnect

Could you make it so that scanned locations were saved locally, so that when you lose connection, or the client crashes, you don’t lose your work on scanning out wormhole space?

I am aware of bookmarks, but I do have to spend 10 minutes comparing my bookmarks to my scan window, and the placement of the un-scanned dots being all over my screen makes it difficult to have a fair understanding of where everything is placed relative to each other, meaning I usually want to spend time scanning it down again as well.

My specific case is that I’m running an older PC with an unstable internet connection, and I’m trying to mess with wormhole space. I’m fine accepting the risks of what may happen if my connection fails mid-fight, but I don’t understand why there is also a time loss for losing all your scanned down points.

When you log into EVE you are given a session ID and keep it for as long as your still connected; all your scanning results are connected to your session ID. You disconnect/logoff, you lose all your scanning data as when you are back online again you’d be in a new session. It sucks I know but not much you can do about it. If you’d like you can drop a suggestion in the Little things/small QoL thread

Sounds like Trip-Wire or similar tools it what you’re looking for, here’s a link for you :slight_smile:

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