Can we get a grace period on our probe scanner for disconnecting?

So as i have seen from playing this month that apparently when you are the only person in a system you are much higher prone to being disconnected from the server. Today in fact I got disconnected to just immediately log back in to then be disconnected 3 minutes later to just log back in to just be disconnected another 3 minutes later to just log back in. All the same time my wife is in the other room playing AA and having 0 problems at the same time.

What does bother me is as I am exploring and the internet for whatever reason is completely incapable of holding a stable connecting even though I can immediately log back on, that I am punished with clearing all my saved probe scans and have to start over. Why CCP do I have to constantly start over even though this is most likely YOUR fault. It only ever happens in systems I am alone in and is probably because you are using my node to reinforce some other node. Let me be clear, this is a NEW problem, this only started happening during the war and you are making the game a bad experience.

I don’t know why it clears to begin with anyways, my cameras memory doesn’t clear every time i turn it off, and saying my super advanced spaceship does is stupid. Please at least think about this because you are ruining exploring if you are incapable of fixing this problem.

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Perhaps you should break this up into two separate topics:

  1. A cringey tin-foil-hat whine about how CCP is out to get you.
  2. A suggestion that once we scan down a signature, that scan should be saved, even after a logout/disconnect.

Out to get me? lol
Stupidity is its own reward.

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Here’s an idea; save the scanned down signature yourself as soon as you scan it down.

I assume you know how to do that. If not, right-click on the sig once you have it at 100%, select Save Location…

No more problems wanting CCP to “save” it for you.


Yes make excuses why my super advanced ship from hundreds of years in the future is less technologically advanced than my camera from 10 years ago.

It is no use, Celine - this guy doesn’t want to solve the problem. Let him rant.


If EvE is designed to punish all the players when the game experiences a ddos, then you are actually promoting ddosing EvE.

Bookmarks can be set to expire, so this is indeed the best solution, though having sigs persist until downtime is not an unreasonable request.

That team that brought us the logout-to-character-selection feature just finished their seven year mission. They could fix this next.

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grace period for getting kicked out of fleet when disconnected trumps over scanned signatures in priority fixing, imo.

sob they need a que

It would actually be “tens of thousands of years in the future” since comparing the lore of the game setting to your current real-world reality seems very important to your point.

I only offered you a current practical in-game solution to mitigate your problem.

I agree with @Xeux that you only seem to want to rant rather than accept any sort of solution.

Best of luck with getting what you want!


No, no, that’s not it. I bet you anything your character ID is either a prime number, or divisible by 7.

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You should sell your camera to NASA?

Why not use your camera to take a photograph of the screen before you disconnect?


I don’t think a memory card is a new invention.

OP must be on a traveling node that always gets reinforced which then magically disconnects them. Like a raincloud that follows you around all the time so you always have bad weather, done on purpose by CCP for reasons unknown but certainly true. 100%.

It’s probably because of me because I NEVER disconnect so every time I should disconnect it hits the OP instead. Woe is him.

OR just get better internet and/or bookmark all sites. I do that myself just out of habit. It’s probably easier to lay the blame at CCP and demand they solve it though, miraculously.

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The reason you bookmark all sites is because they used to not save at all and CCP finally agreed they should save and not have to be saved manually down like its the 80s.

Maybe you should tell us how great the times were before seat belts too.

It was safer to be thrown clear of the accident.

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No actually, I used to do it to get more data points to figure out which systems tend to have sites but that’s not needed anymore as I know the good locations now. But I still do it.

Scanning has become hilariously simple over the years, why should it be dumbed even more just because 1 person steals his WiFi from the neighbors?

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