Now I'm getting more DC's than ever

There was a time, even recently, when disconnections upon arrival to the next system were the thing. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it always occurred before the next system session was rendered.

Now (over the last couple weeks), disconnections occur randomly whilst in system. Disconnections are a real pain the neck when you’re an explorer and have scanned down lots of cosmic signatures, many of which are only partial scans because they are sites I’m not interested in doing but want to avoid rescanning later. But now, with random disconnections, getting DC’d while at a site (combat or data/relic) is occurring at a rate that I’m compelled to post here about it!!

When the disconnections occur, I am still able to check my mail, load web pages in my browser, and also reconnect to Eve immediately without problems. SO I DON"T THINK ITS A ROUTER OR ROUTE PROBLEM!!!

What I’m asking for, as a paying customer, is that the disconnections get fixed and that scanning data persists across disconnections.
If scanning data needs to be wiped, it should be wiped after the client has been logged out for a reasonable period of time. (Though it is useful to have site data persist longer; e.g. Wormholes that aren’t rolled.)

I did Gallente Federation Day event, which included a lot of really interesting locations. I wonder if the list might be published somewhere as I didn’t have time to make my own notes.
After finishing the tour, I decided to do a lap of the Grand Prix circuit. I successfully made it all the way, however my trip included 3 disconnections in Low-Sec. Once when I entered Rancer from Crielere, once when entering Covryn from Stacmon, and the 3rd in Cumemare when I tried to jump into Covryn.

Whilst I enjoyed the event, I’m sure the time taken to re-log back in three (3) times, which I did immediately on each occasion, will negate any speed boosts I was using and will not help me towards getting any respectable time.

On my next try, this time using the Grand Prix Booster IV and Quafe Zero Green Apple, I got disconnected in Pettinick just before I got to the gate leading to Du Annes.

This is really spoiling the fun now!!!
How do I get my booster back so I can try another time with the full duration? I don’t want to risk losing my ship for no reason!!!*

And another disconnection!

WTF is going on?

I did two more circuits, the first of which went well, but on my last attempt, which I was hoping to be my fastest, I got DC’d after returning to Verge Vendor from Solitude. :frowning:

If you have DCs but no packet loss/internet issues, you have unstable RAM. Eve is extremely sensitive to even the slightest RAM instability.

Even if no other games crash, and memtest shows no issues.

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