Newly Occurring (And A Bit Atypical) Connection Issue Specifically When Using Jump Filaments

Happened three times out of nowhere in the past few hours. Was Filamenting around Null and twice around a few minutes after being in a new system I would get all the classic symptoms of an impending disconnect (D-scan running forever is usually the first thing I notice, followed by none of the buttons working, …nope cant stop my ship either aaaand… this is typically the moment we’re greeted with the loss of connection message, and of course when you have an active combat timer is a fun little game of “how fast we can log back in before we die” lol) Now as an aside I used to average one or two disconnects a day irrespective of what I was doing until about a month and a half ago when I set up a proper VPN and having played almost every day I haven’t had a single disconnect. Awesome. Now, what’s strange (at least to me having never experienced this before) is that the 3x this happened today (the third being in Pochven which was… interesting) after getting all the symptoms I described before, I would never actually “disconnect”. In fact I had to go through the task manager and hard-stop the process to get it to quit so I could restart it. Currently Verifying the Cache and if the issue persists I guess I’ll move on to troubleshooting the VPN to see if thats somehow the culprit. Suppose it could be a Patch or some other thing if anyone else has run into this and has an idea of what it is I’d like to know. :slight_smile:

I am running into random disconnects all day long after today’s maintenance. Nothing to do with using filaments and such. I was online in combat with multiple NPC’s and thankfully I established connectivity before my ship was toast.

It seems to be just Eve Online, as I played Apex Legends (EA have some very poor data centers), I tried some Black Desert both NA and EU servers, and no issues there. This screams that only EVE is being affected and thereby either their server or their client is at fault. Who knows, maybe the DNS is tossing me through Valdimir’s servers, and we all know he cooks his nachos on them. Whatever the cause, it is not on my end.

I will give it some time. Should it persist, I will contact someone to get a team out to Reykjavik in the morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

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