Lost probes due to disconnect

Is reconnect to lost probes still a thing?
I see people suggesting it for people who have lost their probes to a disconnect but I cannot find where this is located in the scanning UI.

I get it, ■■■■ happens go buy some new probes. I’ve done this probably 20+ times because my computer likes to crap out a lot.

Perhaps there should be a fix implemented instead of telling people to go ■■■■ themselves its their own fault, but that’s just my opinion.

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Probes, like drones, have an emergency return function that wiil often but not always return them if you forget or get discoed. Check your cargo bay for more info.

Or carry a few spare reloads, they arent large or expensive.

Happened me 2 days ago.

The button is located near the top right corner of the probe window, its a small circle, right below the solar system map button.
Not very visible tbh, but its there.

And yes, always carry 16 or 24 probes with you. The golden rule of wormholes :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive had this happen several times.

File a support ticket and as long as you didnt just forget them, CCP will return the lost amount of probes of that type to you.

Annoying, but Ive usually had a response within 1-2days.


helps if you’re polite too


Isn’t that a bit much just for probes?

not if you’re neck deep in a whole in something you’d like not to be bullshited out of


Oh… fair.

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normally id agree with you though , its happend to me a couple of times while hunting people and running sites, id never bother for those.

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I’m probably the isk poorest of all GD regulars…
A set of Sisterhood probes is a significant expense for me.

As Ralph pointed out, I dont DEMAND them back in a rant, I request if they could help me as they where lost to me for no fault of my own.

Fortunately on the 3 times or so (iirc) CCP has been very helpful.
I havent been able to triangulate exactly what causes this lost probe issue.

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I noticed and did the same exact thing last night and wondered…

why must they make it so difficult…

Well I lost some RSS probes that way.

Typically fulling your ship’s cargo is the cause of lost probes.

Whenever I’ve had this I’ve done a reconnect to lost probes as soon as I log back in and then recall them. If you dc again before recalling them you will lose them for good so as mentioned always carry spares…

iv had this happen to my spares, as i said though , its rarely a problem

if you are stuck inside a wormhole, contact signal cartel / eve-scout.

there are “rescue caches” that have been placed in many wormholes, as well as tracking of possible links to the wormhole.

The home page of https://evescoutrescue.com/home/ shows that a lot of people were stranded because “lost probes due to disconnect”

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