Recover probes (huge problem)

recover probe buttons are too small. there is no “recover probes function”

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the button is small, but it’s there.

(old UI)

The probes are not recoverable after log off. experienced it many times. (Both UI’s)

I suggest you file a bug ticket via F12, because their webpage suggests differently (the button on the right to reconnect to lost probes after lost connection). I even had them reappear in cargo after a lost connection ?
They do have a timer (an hour), so they may have expired if you wait too long to reconnect - which may happen if you probe large numbers of sigs, like in drifter holes.

I have just had eight Sisters probes returned to me a week after I filed a support ticket, having been unable to retrieve them after a sudden disconnect, though the GM response warned that future requests might not be honoured.

In response, I politely pointed out that Eve does have a routine which auto-recovers to the ship deployed drones in the event of a sudden disconnect; if the same routine could be implemented for probes, it would save grief and also GM time and effort.

I second that

Are you sure they haven’t run out of lifetime?they can’t stay in space forever

It has happened to me about month ago too and it was after immediate login back so I don’t think that time was the issue for these players.

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