Recall Probes Button


Not sure if anyone still works at CCP, but the probe recall button really shrunk in size, it’d be cool if someone would use all that extra space to make the buttons a little bigger.


Yep, this button is used often while probing. We wouldn’t want to have probes in space any time longer than necessary as it gives information to other players about what we’re doing.

It would be nice if we could click that button more easily.

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Whilst the launch button is fairly useless so could move down and save space

Indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever used the launch button there. We can use our module keybind to do that.

Recall probes button on the other hand, I use that every time I’m scanning.

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Keyboard shortcut for “Recall Probes” needed?

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Its been 20yrs this way so far. What makes u think something will change?

No, it was better a few months ago, before CCP decided to “improve” it.


maybe give that button some of the 50pixels wide of screen space that any scroll bar takes up

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