Make the Recover Active Probes button more prominent

As it is now, the UI doesn’t indicate very well when the probes are out. Either a more prominent button or more prominent text to remind me would be useful.

It says it right there in the window, on the drones’ top bar: “0/5 drones in space”. A simple glance suffices to get informed on the drones. What do you want, flashing text?

I’m talking about probes, not drones. Does my post need some flashing text?

And my answer would be the same. A simple glance at “Recover Probes” button can tell you if the probes are in your hold or not. Do you need that button to flash?
No button exists for your memrory. If you forget your probes it’s on you.

The old UI had a much larger button. With photon, it’s a tiny icon. Hence the feedback.

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