Core probes vanished?

Hi there good people! I don’t think I’m allowed to post this in the relevant section yet so here goes.
I’m brand spanking new to Eve and I’m struggling. I completed the tutorial fine and then followed the explorer career path. I was fine up until mission 3 of 5. It required me to launch some core probes to find a data cache that I needed to hack. I struggled with the scanning side and logged of to research it a little. However, when I logged back on, my probes had vanished? I can’t recall/reload them? I tried to get help on purchasing some others and got really confused. Then somebody gifted my 30 which was nice. But I can’t even find then anywhere to load into the probe launcher. It’s genuinely infuriated me so much I had to walk away.
So, can anyone help me out in any way, shape or form?

Probes only last for an hour if you don’t recall them. I’m not sure what happens to them when you log off without recalling them…so you were either logged off for more than an hour, or they disappear when you log off. Next time, recall them before logging off.

You need to search your assets to find where the person gave you the probes at, then fly to that location and put them in the cargo hold of your ship, then you can load them into the launcher.

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I just accepted them when they were sent to me? Is that not enough then? I need to find the location I was at when sent?

Correct. The person contracted them to you from a specific station, and that is where they will be. There is no inventory “magic” transfer in eve.

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I think that makes sense, lol. Will try that. Many thanks.

No problem, if you have any more questions and I’m online (I’m online right now), feel free to shoot me a convo anytime.

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Sorted it, thanks! Only took 49 jumps either way, lol.

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You can just buy the set of Probes on market. These are not too expensive, as you can see:

You should buy 16, so you have at least another shot before you run dry again.
Recalling probes helps a lot.
Official CCP Support:
“While Probes will be automatically recovered when jumping to another system or docking, a downtime will not recover probes and any launched probes should be manually recovered before the server shuts down using the “Recover Active Probes” button.”

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