How to loot scanner probes

I found a set of core scanner probes at a site, and after 10 minutes ratting they were still there. So I thought I might find some need for these little lonesome guys.
But surprise, I found no way to scoop them into cargo hold or loot them any way, I was not able to shoot them either. Is there a trick or can’t you “tidy up” abandoned probes?

Nope, you can’t actually interact with someone’s probes beyond d-scanning them.

They’ll despawn after a while, unsure exactly how long though.

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I think they stay “in space” for 2 hours. If the owner reconnects with them before that time he can call them back to his ship, if not they go poof.

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Unfortunately there is no way to scoop another player’s probes as you can like abandoned drones. The owner of the probes would need to recover them.

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Oh my , could you imagine scanning scanners

I for one am glad this isn’t a thing

I was referring to probes where the owner is no longer around (ie. Not even in system anymore). Perhaps I didn’t use the best wording there. :sweat:

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