Despawn Timers

I’m very interested in a concept of despawn timers for items.

If I drop a container in the middle of nowhere, will it despawn?

There’s a follow-up to this, if I am logged out of game but my ship is out of station, it should still be scannable right?

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Are you in or out of the ship when you logged-off?

If “in” then your ship dissappears with you…if “out” then the ship just floats there and is scan-able for anyone to take.

For containers, I think it’s 2 hours but I’m kinda relying on memory here…

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Hmm then help me understand the concept why they would allow the ship to “disappear” with you, when logging out would allow you to evade almost anything that isn’t right on top of you?

Or is there some kind of cool down timer?

I was kind of hoping it would be that caches were permanent, and your ship would stay logged-in “afk” allowing you to get wiped.

From what youre telling me, you can just load your ship with stuff and log out and it will disappear safe and sound?

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From Memphis Baas
If you get disconnected, your ship modules turn off, and your ship tries to emergency-warp away to some random point in space (safespot) nearby. If there are enemies that are shooting you at the time, they’ll continue to do damage until your ship warps off. If there are enemies that are currently warp-disrupting you, your ship won’t be able to do the emergency-warp off, and will stick around and take damage until it explodes.

After the emergency warp off, your ship will remain in space for a little bit (1 minute if nobody was shooting you when you disconnected, 15 minutes if someone was shooting you), and then it will disappear from space. It is possible to probe out your ship at the location of the emergency safespot, definitely within the 15 minutes, if you were being attacked by players when you disconnected. If they probe you out, they can start shooting you to extend the 15 minutes indefinitely, and blow you up. Titans have been killed this way.

If you don’t want to leave it to chance, you can right-click your ship when in space and choose “Safely Log off” and it will do a count-down then log you off and disappear from space instantly.

Once you log back in, your ship appears in space again, and emergency-warps back to the location where you were when you got disconnected (there’s no way to avoid this).

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Ok, that’s kind of a cool mechanic!

And it only works for one ship, correct? Per character…

I mean, let’s get real crazy with the ideas here, so technically in peace-time I can use alts to keep huge cargo ships of stuff disc’d until I need them or need to move them. And I can have infinite alts, so there’s no limit to how much stuff I can “squirrel-pocket”.

But, I have to have a character IN THAT SHIP for that to work, and it has to be peace-time or else the combat timer is 15 minutes. And yes, anyone’s gonna scan you out that fast I’m sure.

That being said, then you really don’t need a home-base…if you can have a logistics chain to a cargo ship and a mobile module for fitting in space?

Edit* I mean you don’t really need to work out of a station. You can work entirely out of disc’d cargo ships and alts?

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I don’t do this nor have I researched it but I think some wormhole’ers operate this way but with more than one person…Orcas are great as they have all those bays…don’t quote me on this though…

I think you are right but the risk is pretty darn high IMO…I mean, you can go sailing off the coast of Somalia but I can name a few safer places :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m looking for a way to move to W-space without much capital, a citadel is way too much investment. And too much risk.

And I can’t build my own supply chain out there either.

But this original question was not related to that until you pointed out the particulars of the disconnect feature.


Best of luck…


ps. report back here one day with your stories!

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someday someone will have to explain to me the origins of “o7” lol

Edit G-Dm it…of course it’s not until I write it I realized it looks like a salute.


\o/ He got !

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Before they allowed Capital ships to dock inside the larger Citadels, Alliances used to end up with a supply of Alt characters whose only job in life was to sit in the ship and Log Off, so the ship would safely evaporate until it was needed.

Living in a WH used to be easier, back when POS were a thing. You could toss all your valuables into an Orca, then Log Off sitting in the Orca, and take everything with you. When you were playing, you could leave the Orca floating inside your POS bubble to stay safe.

These days, the Orca won’t (to my knowledge) tether w/o someone sitting in it. So you can’t leave it floating unattended. You’d be better off docking up in the Citadel and then logging out.

But if you plan on living out of a single ship, like a Stratios or a T3C or something, then yeah. You can log out, and it’ll disappear just fine assuming you aren’t actively in combat at the time.


FYI, you can anchor a Secure Container in space (of any size afaik) and it will stay there for 7 days without being accessed before despawning. As long as you access it once every 7 days it will stay there indefinitely. The container will show up on dscan, but cannot be probed down (core or combat probes won’t find it), so if you spend some time getting a ‘safe spot’ it can be very difficult for anyone else to locate (make sure you bookmark it so you can get back to it easily).

I thought anything jettisoned will despawn after 2-2.5 hrs, another one of those ‘random’ things, but has the same effective timer as a wreck.

Edit: You can also set a password on a secure container, so if anyone else does find it, they can’t take your stuff… they can still blow it up though (unless in high sec, assuming no wardec).



Both the last replies were awesome. Thanks!

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As to your question earlier about having infinite alts to log out in different cargo ships with supplies, etc. Yes, that is completely possible if you want to go through the hassle.

There is no such thing as a “war” or “peace time” timer, the logout timer is 15 minutes from time of combat (Player or NPC). Once that 15 minute timer is gone your active ship will disappear ~60 seconds after you log off. You can use the safe logoff feature to ensure you are logged out and ship is gone in 30 seconds if that 60seconds is too long.


OK, seems a lot of people have incorrect info regarding timers.

Also here’s more info on what happens to your ship and it’s active modules when disconnected.

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